Our curriculum


We will Improve your communication skills and teach how to present yourself effectively


You will gain skills which will be useful not only on stage, but in everyday life


You will able to dance or move in an easy and graceful way


Our classes teach you how to do your make-up flawlessly, understand modern trends and use the latest techniques


We will teach you how to look spectacular in every situation

Runway walk

Our practical runway classes will have you walking like a professional model

Healthy eating

Our students study the needs of the human body and how nutrients and vitamins affect its functions


We teach the importance of how to introduce people and what body language says about a person


Our team

Olga Gordiychuk

Teacher of acting

Film and theatre actress. Education — Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute. Olga starres in movies and TV series, does theatre and performs voice work. Laureate of the Playwrights Guild of Saint Petersburg.

Irina Borovick

Teacher of acting

Actress, producer. Education — Karaganda College of Art. Laureate of international competitions and awards, was being awarded a prize by the Major of the City as the best show director, received a grant from the President as the best director of the children’s performances.

Kseniya Andronycheva

Runway walk teacher

Model, photo model. Education — Moscow modeling agency ELIMOD. Kseniya has more than 6 years experience in modeling sphere, works with Russian’s top brands: Elena Furs, Soda, Alena Dementeva, Lavenir Boutique, August van der Walz, RachellFabri, Dany Tabet and others. Moreover she has a big experience in fashion show directing.

Dmitriy Bozhani

Teacher of acting

Actor, producer. Education — Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Participant and winner of theater festivals of modern drama under the auspices of Theatre Union of Russian Federation and the Writers’ Union.

Elena Regush

Runway walk teacher

Model, photo model. Elena started her career in 2001, worked in Paris with Next Model Management Paris Agency, Modus Vivendis in Moscow. Works with leading fashion houses and designers: Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Alexander Vasilyev, Tatyana Parfenova.

Nadezhda Zhigulya

Choreography teacher

Professional dancer, producer. Education —Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts, Orenburg College of Art, Choreographic School. Nadezhda has more than 10 years experience of work with children. Performing ensembles under directions of Nadezhda are regular participants and winners of various prestigious international competitions and festivals.

Yulia Cherezova

Choreography teacher

Professional dancer, producer. Education — Institute of design, applied art and humanitarian education. Major genres — classical choreography, jazz-funk, hip-hop, contemporary. She is a regular participant and winner of various international contests and festivals.

Ольга Мозговая


В индустрии красоты и моды 11 лет. Проходила обучение у звёздных визажистов, работала с Сердаром Камбаровым (визажист телеканала тнт), Работает с Yves Saint Lauren, Pepsi, Pantene, Wella, Redken и Sebastian.

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