Runway walk

Gait is an integral part of creating an individual image!

A fashion show or a podium step is the ability to express your unique “I” very beautifully and elegantly. The art of fashion shows is designed to help develop the plasticity and flexibility of the body, to give the gait of grace in everyday movements.

The main task of the “podium step” discipline is emotional emancipation, achievement of absolute muscle freedom, ease and confidence in working with one’s own body, bold mastery of physical skills, removal of clamps and relieving of insecurity and fear. Discipline classes are aimed at identifying, developing and implementing the individual creative abilities of each student with the use of a range of knowledge on choreography, defiling and the manner of staying on stage / podium.

After completing the podium step in children: correct posture is formed; gait becomes more free, complexes and clamps in the body go away; coordination, plastic art, creative imagination, fantasy and artistic abilities develop; catwalk poses and turns are developed; there is an orientation in space, a sense of rhythm; understanding is formed how to demonstrate clothes with dancing elements, tune in to success; an individual unique image is revealed.

In general, classes help to develop an aesthetic taste, improve health, comprehend and develop the physical capabilities of your body, reveal your "I" through the movements of elegant manners. The “Podium Step” is an obligatory basic discipline for obtaining a model certificate. You will learn to keep your back even and beautiful, feel the rhythm. It is very important that the step of the model falls into the rhythm of the music: with the acceleration of music, the gait should also accelerate and vice versa. This lesson is part of the basic class for obtaining a model certificate.


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