Modern etiquette - these are the rules of conduct that help to make a good impression and build effective communication. 
They include neatness, a culture of speech, politeness and the ability to stay in various public places (at a table, in transport, in a theater), the manner of speaking, dressing,
and generally serving oneself in society. Etiquette has very deep historical roots. A set of rules and traditions regarding exquisite behavior in the professional sphere, as well as in life unrelated to business and business
activities, existed for approximately as long as humanity itself existed.

A specially designed etiquette course from Dolce Vita educators will allow you or your child to feel comfortable in any situation, conduct business negotiations or small talk.
After all, each model always encounters events such as a gala reception, dinner party, etc., where many people gather. In addition, in the lessons you will get an idea of ​​table etiquette, communication etiquette and communication culture.

The rules of etiquette, they are also the elementary rules of respect and courtesy, work in both directions.
You manifest them in relation to another person, he manifests them in relation to you. Thus, everyone wins. But, there are nuances that every self-respecting person should know.
You will also be told about this in etiquette classes.


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