Photoposing is one of the basic disciplines of training in a model school. This is the whole art of the interaction of the internal state of a person and his body.

Each child needs to comprehensively develop and photo posing is one of the few types of creative art that reveals the best aspects of the personality. It is thanks to this discipline that young models develop artistic abilities, work on poses, facial expressions, gestures, eyes, learn to express emotions in the frame to get live, emotional photos. They also learn to move in the frame, be confident, overcome shyness and tightness.

In photoposing lessons, children learn theory and have the opportunity to express their impressions. The main thing is that each lesson is based on the practice where the child is movingly posing in front of the camera, which is useful for the body and also develops imagination. Within the framework of a regular lesson, each child gets the opportunity to work out and consolidate the acquired skills, to watch and discuss with the teacher the frames from the lessons.

In the last lesson on photo posing, children demonstrate the posing skills that they have acquired during the training - the ability to choose the right angle and pose, taking into account the most expressive aspects of their appearance.

All photos from classes are laid out in the photobank on the website of the model school, where you can download them for yourself.  

During training, young models will learn:

- Posing in front of the camera like a professional model

- Hide flaws and emphasize virtues

- Control and manage emotions in the frame

- Find out your best angle and advantageous poses

- Get rid of camera fear

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