Psychology has become a very important subject nowadays. Psychology is important to understand ourselves and others better. Being better equipped with this understanding helps us in all spheres of our life - work, personal lif eand relationships.

Our Psychology course will focus on the following points:

— Confident behavior; 

— Self-presentation; 

— Emotional regulation; 

— Creative Ability Development. 

During course we work on the development of the following skills: 

— Communicative competence: communication skills development. Acquaintance, first impression, nonverbal behavior rules, active listening rules, the ability to successfully resolve conflicts, rhetoric; 

— Emotion regulation skills: ability to conduct your behavior, express strong emotions in the right way, self-regulation skills;

— Confident behavior skills: self-confidence building, positive self-esteem building, difference between confidence and aggression; 

— Creative thinking skills: imagination building, contrarian thinking development, ability to use different techniques to find unconventional solutions.



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