Acting is one of the main subjects in our school. During the course you will gain skills which will be useful not only on stage, but in everyday life.  Oratory, the ability to correctly and beautifully express your thoughts will be useful, and sometimes simply necessary, when speaking in public, during any presentation. Also, acting skills are necessary for you if you are serious about a modeling career. After you finish this course you will be able to fell more liberated, stop being anxious in public places. Our teachers will teach you to be bolder and more creative. Be ready to make your life brighter and more beautiful!

What everyday difficulties and problems can be solved with the help of Acting course? 

– difficulty of self-introduction;

– lack of leadership skills;

– resistance to stress;

– problem of self-identification and realization;

– difficulty of communication and team working;

– corporal inhibitions;

– difficulty of phrasing and viewpoint making.

During the course you will be also able to attend special events and master classes with movie and theater stars. 



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