Choreography is one of the main subjects on your way to becoming a professional model. Its significance cannot be overestimated. Because on the runway, as in real life, you need to feel comfortable. And it is the choreography lessons that will allow you to or move in an easy and graceful way.

Choreography classes help children develop plasticity, muscle strength, motor system. They also develop endurance and coordination, improve flexibility of muscles and joints and  make your movements more expressive. Choreography fosters the development of a sense of rhythm, artistry, stimulates creativity, develop musicality and enhances emotional development. In the end of course you will learn to move in a plastic and gracious way.

During course children learn basic dance moves, get the basics of classical and modern choreography, learn to move your body to music. Moreover,  you will be able to develop taste in music, correct your posture, improve movement coordination. If you feel confident in dancing and moving, you will feel confident in life. And remember, it’s never too late to start choreography! Even if you think you don’t have a talent! Your body is always ready for something new and will thank you for such a gift.  

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